About Gypsy Moon Studios

Kelli When I was little I received a few cameras throughout the years, but when I got older I was fascinated that the biggest and littlest moments could be captured and kept forever. I remember the first time I took an exceptional photograph for someone and their reaction, it was truly uplifting to know that I had taken a photo that they would cherish forever. With Gypsy Moon Studios that's what I want to deliver to my clients; my job is not about the pictures but the people in them. I want to tell your story with high quality professional photos that inspire emotion; to capture the photos that truly touch the heart! I started my dreams for GMS in 2008 and my dream came true! I love everything having to do with photography and cover anything I can, if you don't see a set here of a particular type of session you desire or you have any questions feel free to contact me! Thank you for visiting my website! - Kelli Harlow - Gypsy Moon Studios